Strange Stars Caught Wrinkling Spacetime? Get the Facts

By Nadia Drake


The discovery was made in Argentina, and in a forthcoming documentary, naturalist Sir David Attenborough will tell the story of what led experts to make the amazing find.

Two neutron stars about to collide generate spacetime ripples as they spiral closer together, as seen in this illustration.


Excited conversations have been happening in the halls of an astronomy meeting this week, as scientists await reports about a potential collision of exotic dead stars. If the chatter is true, scientists have detected the first ripples in spacetime produced by a cataclysmic merger of two neutron stars.These ripples, known as gravitational waves, were directly detected for the first time in 2015 by the LIGO Science Collaboration. That event, along with two more confirmed detections, occurred when two black holes collided.

Now, it’s possible astronomers have detected gravitational waves generated as two stellar corpses whipped around one another and eventually merged. And it seems the merger may have left a lingering cosmic fingerprint that teams are racing to observe with some of Earth’s sharpest eyes in the sky.

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